Affectionate Lionesses

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Should you be interested in larger format prints, or giclée prints to be shipped unmounted in tubes, kindly contact us with your requirements.

Affectionate Lionesses
Affectionate Lionesses

Affectionate Lionesses, Johannesburg, South Africa.

High-Gloss Metal Prints

Modern, Durable, and Ready to Hang, Metal Prints are called “jaw droppers” for good reason. Printed on high-gloss aluminum with rounded edges, they make colours brightly pop and bring out the deepest contrasts in black and white images. Perfect for photography and art. They come ready to hang with a pre-installed float mount frame on the back, so all you have to do is pop a nail in the wall. Be it color or black and white, images with high levels of detail all print great on metal.

Exceptional Detail, Stunningly Affordable

Weatherproof, Waterproof, Lifeproof. Each Metal Print has an ultra-hard protective coating that’s easy to clean and designed to handle whatever life throws at it. Just buff out any scuffs with a microfiber cloth and your Metal Print will glisten and gleam like the day it was made. Dyes are infused directly into our high-gloss aluminum, which creates a unique luminescent effect and true-to-life image clarity.


Giclée / Inkjet Prints

The first choice for fine art reproductions, giclée (pronounced zhee-clay) refers to an individually produced, high-resolution, high-quality fine art digital print made on a specialized inkjet printer.

Giclée literally means “to spray or spread” and refers to the way the ink is deposited on the surface of paper. Tiny droplets, of varying size, are deposited with extreme precision onto the surface of the desired paper. The result: an image of exceptional quality, offering brighter colours, crisper details and long-lasting colour.

Archival properties

Giclée is an archival process, using both archival media and inks; so your print is guaranteed to last between 80–100 years, with the exception of direct sunlight, storage and most importantly, the way the prints are handled.


  • Epson Watercolour Paper Radiant White
  • Textured matte surface 180 g/m²
  • Radiant white surface for vivid colour reproduction.
  • Rich black images for prints with exceptional contrast.
  • Window Mount

All prints are supplied with a 50mm white window mount and backing making them frame ready.


Matte Metal Prints (White ink off)

A rising décor trend in America, printing onto metal has gained international popularity in the interior design industry, leading to a surge in demand from up and coming designers and creatives looking to explore the possibilities of this unique substrate.

Archival properties

The inks are not archival but through simulated testing, are said to last 75 years out of direct sunlight and 5 years in direct sunlight.


  • Dibond® with a brushed aluminium finish;
  • Standard prints: 3 mm thick;
  • Max Print Size: 1500 x 3000 mm;
  • White ink off (No white ink used);
  • Black and white images recommended;

Recommended framing solution

It is not necessary to frame your metal print as we attach a sub-frame that makes it appear as if it’s floating 25 mm away from the wall.

More Information
Orientation Horizontal
Image Mode Black & White
Megapixels 7
Artist Jean van der Meulen
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